2018 Annual Financial Reports (Not Reviewed by CPA yet for information purposes only)

BP POA P&L 2018

BP POA Balance Sheet 12-31-2018

BP POA Contingency_Reserve Fund Expenditures -2018

BP POA Contingency-Reserve Fund Summary-2018

BP POA P&L Budget v Actual-2018

BP POA P&L Q1 YTD 2018

BP POA P&L Q2 YTD 2018

BP POA P&L Q3 YTD 2018

BP POA P&L Q4 YTD 2018

2019 Budget Review ( for review purposes only )

Bull Point POA Contingency Fund History Aug 29, 2018

Bull Point POA – Profit and Loss by Year

Bull Point POA – Balance Sheet by Year

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POA Financial Reports

Supplemental Report 1-22-18 POA FORENSIC REVIEW 2015-2017

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