1. Tom Rhodes, Architect
  2. Tamelin Delli-Gatti
  3. Billy Gavigan

Jimmy McDonnell, Director of Operations

Webform for ARB-C Program


The Architectural Review Board Committee (ARB-C) was created by the developers of Bull Point within the Covenants and Restrictions.  The ARB-C does not intend to restrict any individual design preference.  The committee works with each property owner to preserve the natural beauty of each lot, and to ensure the design of each residence is compatible with the overall development.

ARB-C Meetings:  3rd Thursday of every month at 4:00 p.m. in the conference room at the Bull Point Clubhouse.

The ARB-C is processing reviews and submittals on an ongoing basis.

Prior to any construction in Bull Point property owners are responsible for submitting their plans to the ARB-C for approval, as outlined in the ARB-C Guidelines.

No site clearing may begin without first obtaining a final approval for house construction, and the issuance of a Foundation Permit, followed by a Bull Point Building Permit.

REMINDER:  Submissions to the ARB-C must be made at least 1* week in advance of the monthly meeting (*2 weeks before for a final submission)

2 hard copies and 1 digital copy  – final submittals

Preliminary and conceptual submissions can be made using this online form:.

Submissions should also be dropped off or mailed to the POA office at the Bull Point Clubhouse (114 Barnaby Bluff, Seabrook, SC  29940)

POA Office Hours:   Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

With regards to lot maintenance, review Maintenance of Lots; Limits and Rights

For questions pertaining to submittals (not ARB-C guidelines and policies), click here:  Webform for ARB-C Program